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Are you an expert in your field with skills and knowledge you want to share? Or are you looking for someone to answer big questions about your career? Either way—you’re in the right place!




Creatives On Call has matched talented creatives with their dream jobs for over 25 years. In doing so, we have cultivated a network of professionals from various industries and backgrounds.


We have developed the Mentorship Program to encourage our creative community to network, continuously grow, and learn to lead. Mentors and Mentees will come together virtually or in-person to discuss each other’s personal and professional challenges and opportunities. The Mentorship Program is intended to help you thrive while you strive! 

How do I sign up? 

Signing up is super easy! Fill out the form below to be a Mentor or Mentee. Once we have selected a match for you, a Creatives On Call representative will contact you. 

In order to foster a community of trust, we ask that you show respect and confidentiality in all conversations. 


  • Keep the names, contact information or any identifying specifics of your Mentor or Mentee private and confidential. You may NOT use any contact information in a sales capacity. 

  • Do not share any information that may compromise your Mentor or Mentee’s current position or relationship with their current organization. 

  • Provide constructive feedback and advice. Honesty is the best policy for personal and professional growth! 

  • Be authentic and kind in your meetings. The purpose of the Mentorship Program is to add value to your personal and professional life.


If any of these guidelines are not met, you may be asked to forfeit your spot in the program. If you have any concerns with a current pairing, please reach out to your Creatives On Call representative. 




A Mentor is someone that acts as a supporter and cheerleader for a Mentee, sharing information, knowledge and guidance when needed. Mentors help Mentees with career exploration, networking, goal setting, and more. Mentoring allows you to grow in your leadership and coaching skills while lifting others. 


A Mentee is open to advise, feedback and willing grow. Mentees are eager to learn and put in the work to meet their potential in order to strengthen their career. As a Mentee, you will receive advice and actively work toward your goals discussed with your mentor. 

Plan & Prepare

Plan and prepare for a monthly meeting for about an hour or two. 


We suggest sticking to the same day and time each month for success. For example, Brianne and Michaela might meet every Friday at noon via Google Hangouts.


Stay in contact throughout the month if any questions arise via email, text or the Creatives On Call Slack Channel. ( 


Sample Meeting Agenda

10 Minutes: Catching up & small talk

40 Minutes: Mentors and Mentees can rate their personal and professional life for the past month on a scale of 1-10 and ask any questions or share challenges. See below for suggestions. After you are caught up, you can address the most pressing question or challenge for the remaining time. 

10 Minutes: Final thoughts 

Questions to Ask Your Mentor

(Source Forbes. Source Link)

• Was there a time you messed up and felt like you’d failed? How did you bounce back?

• How did you learn to embrace risk-taking?

• Tell me about a recent business setback. How did you recover?

• Think back to five years ago. Did you envision your career as it is today?

• Was there ever a role you applied for and landed, but weren't 100% qualified to do? How did you proceed?

• What do you wish you had known before taking your first management role?

• Which leadership skills were the most difficult to develop?

• Can you tell me about a time when you had a difficult boss? How did you handle the situation?

• What’s the most important leadership lesson you’ve learned and how has it proven invaluable?

• How did you develop the skill of speaking so engagingly in front of groups?

• I tried to delegate a task last week and it did not go well. Can we work through what to do differently next time?

• Who are the people I need to align with in this organization to achieve success?

• My boss said I need to be more strategic. What does that mean?

• How can I let my boss know that I don’t need to be micromanaged?

• How can I stay connected to key influencers who do not work in same office or geographical area?

• When trying to gain buy-in to implement a new program, what tactics have worked for you?

• My performance review is coming up. What type of preparation do you most appreciate seeing from your employees?

• I have two very different career path options available to me. Can you weigh in to help me make a final decision?

• I'm considering a career transition. What are some other areas of the business that might be a good fit for me?


Sign Up

After you sign up to be a Mentor or a Mentee, a Creatives On Call representative will contact you once we have your match. 


Please be patient during this process. We want to make sure both participants are a great fit before introductions. 


Thanks for submitting! Once we have a Mentee interested, we will connect you two.


Thanks for submitting! Once we have a Mentor interested, we will connect you two.